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3 more updates !!!

I updated the following scripts:

Basket Shop to v1.3
Map Slide to v1.1
Scriptlets to v1.4

They can be found here: Downloads



From this day forward, I will ONLY be posting my scripts here.

If you need help with a script, have script suggestions, want to request a script, or just want to tell me I’m awesome, I will now be supporting my scripts at RPG Maker Collective.

I am doing this to cut down of the number of places I have to post new scripts/updates as well as centralize support for my scripts so users can get all of their Wij-script answers in one place.

Site: RPG Maker Collective
Newsletter: The Collector


Our Site

Come visit our RPG Maker site: RPG Maker Collective

THE place for all your RPG making needs!

Also, be sure to check out our newsletter: The Collector

Welcome those in search of Wijjiness …

This is the new home of all things Wij.
Here you will find my games, scripts, and other do-dads.