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3 More Updates (yes, I like things in 3’s)

3 script updates!

– Fixed hookshot detection glitch
– Fixed 2nd button when using non-equippable hookshots

Debug Tools:
– Fixed default debug scene to work with larger screen
– Fixed float/integer/text converter in F9 variable input
– Several minor cosmetic changes
– Fixed restart battle bug

Dual Wield Complete:
– Reworked script to allow dual wielding of weapons OR shields (or 1 of each)


Hookshot v 1.1 [UPDATE]

Current Version: 1.1
Version Date: 10/2/2010

This update includes:

  • option to allow hookshot to function adjacent to target event
  • option to use weapons instead of items to activate hookshots
  • option to restrict event activation by direction
  • option to tag events to block pulling/dragging
  • optional animation on successful hookshot
  • optional sound effect on successful hookshot
  • option to use 2 hookshots at the same time
  • second button for second hookshot
  • wide-water/lava glitch fixed


Hookshot v1.1

Terms and Conditions:

Free to use non-commercially. Credit required.

Me (OriginalWij) and VIII (for the 2 good hookshot graphics)