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Current Version: 1.0
Version Date: 8/19/2010

This script allows the player to use a hookshot similar to Zelda.


  • drag event to player
  • pull player to event
  • activate event (including remote events across water/lava)
  • push event one tile
  • push event until the event hits an impassable tile/event
  • uses simple (& customizable) event name tags
  • multiple hookshots
  • uses items to determine which hookshot to use
  • different graphics for each hookshot
  • different ranges for each hookshot
  • different abilities for each hookshot
  • hookshots can be disabled
  • definable button to activate hookshot
  • definable sound effect for hookshot
  • hookshot works over water/lava


Hookshot v1.0

Terms and Conditions:

Free to use non-commercially. Credit required.

Me (OriginalWij) and VIII (for the 2 good hookshot graphics)


Updates in Triplicate

3 script updates!

Chest Pop-up 2:
– Popping up no longer pauses map
Chest Pop-up 2 v 1.1

Input Text:
– Added option to skip confirmation window
Input Text v 1.1

Debug Tools:
– Fixed variable input bug
– Removed gamepad button for [SHIFT] + [F9] (kinda useless)
– Changed [SHIFT] + [F9] for script code entry to [F10]
– Added [F3] & [F4] to adjust frame rate
– Added [F11] to change event self-switches (map ONLY)
– Added [F11] to restart battle (battle ONLY)
Debug Tools v 4.1