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Updates, Updates, and More Updates!

5 … yes 5 script updates!

Basket Shop:
– Color coded equipment stat changes
– Added missing key definition reminders
– Adjusted summary display
Basket Shop v 1.2

Multiple Parallaxed Layers:
– Changed map name tag reading method to compensate for optional parameters
– Optimized script to lessen lag
Multiple Parallaxed Layers v 1.1

Overhead Ceilings:
– Added ceiling passability dependent on adjacent tile option
(now works with “above” or “same level” tiles)
– Added detection of adjacent water/lava tiles
Overhead Ceilings v 1.2

– Fixed skill healing bug
– Fixed ring fail item usage and skill cost
RIBS v 1.7

– Several updates to existing scriptlets
– NEW Scriptlets: Scroll Map, Popup Text, Vehicle Music Fix, Get Comments, & Icon Event Graphics
Scriptlets v 1.2


R.I.B.S. Updated to V1.6

Found a small bug (thanx Kyriaki) and fixed it.
It would not allow you to heal after being hurt or leveling up on the map. Now fixed.

RIBS v 1.6

~Wij 8)

Debug Tools Updated to v4.0 !!!

That’s right 4.0 … big update.

– Added script command code entry via keyboard when on map and in battle!
– Added error capturing for code entry mode
– Added custom method/constant module for inclusion in code entry evaluation
– Added text entry mode for variable editing in default Debug
– Separated switches & variables in default Debug
– Fixed save menu [X] & [Y] cycle buttons bug
– Several minor cosmetic changes
– Added gamepad button for [SHIFT] + [F9]
– Added option to disable shortcut buttons

The main new thing is the first change listed. Script command code entry.
Basically, now you can bring up a window where you can enter script commands that are executed live!
I also included a custom module for your own set of constants and/or methods.
Everything in that module is ‘included’ when a script command code is evaluated.
I’m 99% sure that the script will catch all your typos and command errors. If not please let me know.
I’ve been using it for about a week now myself, and I have to say I don’t know what I did without it!

The other big new feature is variable editing. It is now done using the same input as in Code Entry mode.
Which means that you can enter numbers (like normal, but typing) or even text!

This will most likely be the last and final version of this script as it seems to be complete (barring any bugs).
That is … unless someone can think of something else to add …

Debug Tools v4.0